A renaissance woman in the making, my passions are diverse and plentiful. I boast a restless need to learn and explore. In college, my studies included English, sociology, and business. Although I value the time I spent in academia, I've never let the absence of a formal classroom keep me from achieving my goals. I'm self-taught in an ever-growing list of subjects. I'm a hands-on individual: I enjoy getting them dirty. I use my hands to grow things in the garden, to cook delicious food in the kitchen, to create art, and to connect with people in ways otherwise impossible.


Both a bibliophile and a writer, I am deeply in love with the written word. It’s not unusual to find me ensconced in bed on a Sunday morning with nothing more than my newest novel and a soy dirty chai lavender latte (did I mention I'm a coffee connoisseur?). I'll tell you a secret: I would love it if you brought a book to our first meeting! whether it be an old favorite or a current thriller, I

love having a reminder of our time together in my library. 


If you're interested in reading some of my work, you can peruse my blog: The Poly Whore. 


Born and raised in Seattle, my aesthetic is best described as classic, vintage, with a unique streak of punk. Quite petite, I stand at an impressive 5’0”, with a classic hourglass figure and natural, soft curves. I enjoy yoga, hiking and weight-lifting.


In true millennial fashion, you can follow my adventures on SWitter, Twitter, and Instagram @ItsIvyQuill

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